Our Mission Statement

We here at Stainless Works Manufacturing have been serving our customers with over 20+ years of experience. Our goal has been to help businesses both small and large get the running start they need in order to succeed in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry. With labor costs increasing over the coming years, we are positioned to help your business keep those costs under control with fully functional machines that automate many processes typically done by hand. By automating these processes, your company will be better positioned to control costs and maximize profits. So let SWM help you turn your investments into working dividends.


Every piece of machinery we produce at Stainless Works Manufacturing goes through tireless stages of research and development. From the individual nuts and bolts to the scaling systems incorporated into our systems, each piece of the products we create are thoughtfully chosen and thoroughly researched. Upon incorporation, our machines go through a series of rigorous tests that ensure both durability and reliability even in the toughest environments.


With an energized base of engineers, the design of our machines is an aspect of our work we take pride in. We strive to make our product as intuitive and user-friendly as possible for ease of use in day-to-day operations. Upon delivery and installation, you'll find the most work you'll need to do is press the power button.

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Our number one focus is to help your business achieve its goals. We here at Stainless Works Manufacturing believe in sustainable business practices that reduce overhead costs as much as possible. Members of our team are standing by to help you get started on your next big project. So what are you waiting for? Let the future start today.