Below is a non-exhaustive product list of the machines we create here at Stainless Works Manufacturing. Interested in a machine? Click on the machine's name to get the system specifications (feature currently unavailable for SWM's Electrical Panel and GS150).

Party Tray Filler

  • Easy set-up and operation
  • PLC program controlled processes
  • Tray sensors prevent false
  • Quick change discharge head

Twin Tray Filler

  • PLC touch screen panel
  • 4 trays per cycle
  • Adjustable foot pads
  • Custom made software


  • Three size range bed
  • Includes fine eliminator
  • 3M Scotchply springs
  • 1,200 lb/hr capacity

Flex Line

  • Sensitive to delicate products
  • Fast and easy wash system
  • Adjustable speed conveyer
  • Rinse chamber w/spray bars

Top and Bottom Labeler

  • Easy adjust for top and bottom labels
  • Quick adjust belt and carrier
  • Variable speeds
  • Uses target sensitive tray system

Dual Filler Tray System

  • False discharge prevention
  • Wash down compatible
  • User friendly interface
  • Video here!

Electrical panel

  • Remotely control drives on electrical panel
  • Motor control panels
  • Electrical panel meets UL specifications

Gentle Tray Filler

  • One minute quick change chutes
  • Handles netted sacks, bags and trays
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Video here!