At Stainless Works Manufacturing, we not only create machines, but also parts. Our head and tail pulleys are drafted in-house and come with a variety of specifications. Simply click the pdf link below the image to browse all of the options we offer. Once you've decided on a configuration, enter the part number (found on our catalogue)on our ordering form and send in your order via fax or e-mail.. Once received, we'll supply you with a shipping quote, and an estimated delivery date.

All orders are payable by check or C.O.D.

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Head Pulley

  • Vulcanized head pulley
  • 40 configurations available
  • Welded keyways
  • Made in California


  • Required for conveyor equipment
  • Adjusts slack on belts
  • Ideal food processing equipment
  • Made in California

Leveling Feet

  • Stabilizes equipment
  • Threaded security rods
  • Made for heavy-duty machinery
  • Made in California

Gearbox Support

  • Supports gearboxes
  • Left/Right config available
  • Custom sizing
  • Made in California

Tail Pulley

  • Made with 100% stainless steel
  • Shaft weld
  • End Plate weld
  • 40 configurations available